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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Fully Europe CE standard and design
  • Intergrated modular design, convenient to install and maintain.
  • Self-design, Self-production, Optimize every processing works, make our machine has perfect performance.
  • Direct liquid feeding and dry evaporation, simple & safe to control.
  • Precise accossary to ensure the long life span and stable performance .

Product Details

Model#: KB-1T

Description : Air cooled direct cooling block ice machine 1ton

Ice Capacity : 1000kgs per 24 hours

Ice mould  size :  95*260*500MM

Ice Freezing time : 3hours per shift , 7shifts per day ,15 blocks per shift , 105 blocks per day



Ice Shape : Block ice

Cooling : AIR cooling

Compressor : Copeland USA

Refrigrant : R404a

Dimension :    1965*1223*1420mm

Weight : 986kgs




USA Copeland Compressor for the 1 ton block ice machine


The Fob Guangzhou price is 5220USD including the plywood case for the LCL shipment loading .


 Power supply : 380V-50HZ-3P

KB-1T :  10kgs per block

Rated Current: 11.5A

Power: 5.3KW

Starting Current : 67-74A

Starting voltage : 386V

Running current :13.1A


Compressor power : 4.5KW

Air condenser : 0.8KW



PACKING SIZE : 2200*1500*1750mm  1* plywood case as below picture.

G.WEIGHT : 900kgs



The block ice can be used for the following . 


It is used in aquatic products processing, meat processing, poultry processing, bread, biscuits, dairy production, chemical dyes, biological research, fresh fruits and vegetables, wine industry, oceanic fishing, concrete mixing and other fields. The required temperature of the item.


Edible Ice for the following .

Catering at casual eating places such as tea shops, night clubs, hotels, bars, fast food restaurants, etc.


Block ice for 

1. Oceanic fishing : 

* The ice maker is placed on the fishing boat, and the ice and aquatic products are mixed in the storage tank. 2. Long-distance transportation (1): The ice maker is placed in the dock or the processing plant, and the ice and aquatic products are mixed in the shipping container.

(2). for the supermarket displaying , for the seafood and meat 


(3) for slaughter : keep the meat fresh 

(4) for the food processing plant 


2. Right here , please try your best to know the following . 


2a. Uses and sales channels of ice

2b. The type of ice you like, if it is a block of ice, consider the size of the ice and the weight of each ice.

2c. Local climatic conditions: the highest ambient temperature, humidity and fluctuations.

2d. Local skilled workers, labor costs & Site conditions selection , site costs

2e. Whether the products produced by your own ice factory are competitive and the market is large, but the ice from your ice making equipment is very expensive and insufficiently competitive. In that case, you will not make money.

2f. The best reference is whether there are already ice factories in the local area to see if their business is booming. There is also consultation with the people who sell ice. If the amount of ice delivered is relatively large, the market is definitely good.

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