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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Fully Europe CE standard and design
  • Intergrated modular design, convenient to install and maintain.
  • Low consumption and high precision
  • Running state played alive in the touch-screen
  • Precision refrigeration pipe , focus on the details of production details especially adapt the world class welding technology to ensure the refrigerant to make full use .

Product Details

Product Name:  5 to -5 degree keep fresh potatoes cold storage room

Tem. range: +5 ℃ to 0℃

Panel Material: PU (polyurethane)

Compressor Brand: Bitzer/Frascold/Copeland/Donfoss

Cooling Way: Air Cooled System

Desired temperature inside cold room: 3℃

Length: 3m

Thickness: 100mm

Material: Galvanized steel

Voltage: 230/1 60hz

Hefforts containerized cold room has many advantages:

1- easy to transport and move2- pre-installation of cold room and machine unit before leaving our factory3- short manufacturing period4- good insulation effect

Depending on the type of product you need to store and the shipping cycle of the product, our technical team will design a unique cold room solution for you.


 Technical characteristics of polyurethane thermal insulation board:

1.Cold storage plate with good heat insulation performance of lightweight polyurethane as inner material outside by color steel plate,stainless steel plate,aluminum splint type library board can reduce heat transfer due to the temperature difference between inside and outside,to achieve refrigeration,the refrigeration system for maximum efficiency.

2.Cold storage plate thickness specifications:50,75,100,120,150,200mm.

3.Polyurethane thermal insulation board library board size specifications:the standardization of the library board width of 960mm,a height of 2m to 10m.(another:according to your special requirements can also be customized).

4.Polyurethane thermal insulation board is simple in structure,easy to install,light weight,high strength,beautiful appearance.

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