Company History
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Guangzhou Hefforts Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.


Brand : Hefforts





- In year of 2010 the products add to counter top freezer cabinet series .

- The products were made up to desk series ice machine , flake ice machine,tube ice machine , meanwhile , sign a contract with alliance relation brother company ( cold room division ).

- July 2012 all of the products pass ROHS certification.

- August 2012 , we obtained the certification CE.

- March 2013 pass ETL .

- April 2015, Guangdong manufacturer base and sales center were founded in the Nansha District.

- December 2016, all year yield is add up to 8000pcs of ice machine . Oversea sales department and domestic sales department were created .  

- November 2017, the Guangzhou sales center roll the name into Guangzhou Cwang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

- May 2020, enlarge the production capacity , intend to place new facility and equipment and changed the name of sales center into Guangzhou Hefforts Equipment Co., Ltd.





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