How to choose the ice machines in the Supermarket ?
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How to choose the ice machines in the Supermarket ?

Supermarket ice machines are generally used for keeping seafood and aquatic meat and poultry fresh. Generally, flake ice machines and block ice machines are more suitable. Supermarket ice machine output selection method: one counter uses about 120-150 kg of ice a day, and then uses the number of counters X days to use the amount of ice, and you probably know how much daily ice machine you need to choose

First, the advantages and disadvantages of direct cooling block ice machine

The block ice machine is more expensive, twice as expensive as the flake ice machine. The ice blocks produced by the block ice machine cannot be used directly. The ice blocks must be crushed by an ice crusher to be spread on the supermarket ice table. The advantage of block ice is that it is not easy to melt, the disadvantage is expensive, and the area is large, so it is not recommended.

Second, the optimal point of flake ice machine

The flake ice machine does not need to crush the ice, and the produced ice flakes can be used directly. The flake ice machine is more energy-efficient and energy-saving. It has a small area and only 1/3 of the block ice machine. However, flake ice is easier to melt than block ice, so supermarkets choose ice machines as much as possible to supplement the melting ice flakes.

Third, after comprehensive comparison, the supermarket ice machine to choose flake ice machine is more appropriate.

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