Ice machine purchase experience. Must read ice machine knowledge before buying
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Ice machine purchase experience. Must read ice machine knowledge before buying

First, before purchasing an ice maker, make sure to clearly distinguish the type of ice maker. Don't buy blindly, so as not to buy the wrong one. The ice maker is a general term for ice making equipment. The shape of the ice cubes generated varies according to the structure and production method of the evaporator (ice mold). According to the shape of ice, the industry generally divides ice-making machines into flake ice machines, cube ice machines, block ice machines, plate ice machines, tube ice machines, shell ice machines, snowflake ice machines, slurry ice machines, bottle ice machines, etc.

Second, understand the structure of the ice machine

The ice machine mainly consists of compressor, dry filter, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, electric box, one-way valve, etc. Details as below:

1. The compressor, which provides power for the ice machine, is the heart of the ice machine. The quality of the compressor is one of the important indicators for evaluating the quality of the ice machine.

2. Dry filtration, a small dry filter, can not be underestimated. It can filter the moisture and residue of the ice making system, is the ice machine cleaner, and guarantees the stable operation of ice making.

3. There are two types of condensers: air-cooled and water-cooled, which mainly rely on the fan to take away the excess heat, and cool the high-temperature vapor refrigerant to the liquid state to provide the necessary temperature for the ice maker to evaporate.

4. Expansion valve. Ice machine usually uses thermal expansion valve. Its role is to throttle liquid refrigerant into vapor refrigerant, provide conditions for ice machine evaporation, and can adjust the flow rate of ice machine refrigerant.

5. Evaporator, ice machine evaporator is well known as ice making drum. Its main function is that the evaporator absorbs the heat of water and quickly freezes the water into ice. Whether the ice maker can produce the evaporator is a symbol of the strength of the ice maker.

6. Electric box. Usually the electric box will be input into the control system, and each component has been controlled to coordinate and stably operate. There are usually multiple relays, contactors, PLC controllers, and phase sequence protectors. The assembled electrical box is much better than the circuit board. The system is stable, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain. The disadvantages are slightly more expensive.

7. Other components, for example, one-way valves, prevent refrigerant from flowing backwards, and solenoid valves control the flow rate and pressure of refrigerant in the ice making system.

Note: The structure of the large ice machine is slightly different. It will be more complicated, and there will be more accessories to ensure the stable and safe operation of the ice machine.

Third, understand the principle of ice machine

Taking the flake ice machine as an example, the evaporator is a device of making ice, which is called flake ice drum. It is cylindrical and has a ring-shaped diversion ring inside, which can quickly exchange cold and heat between the low-temperature refrigerant and water (water evenly sprinkled by the water distribution tray), to make ice quickly shaped, and the reducer drives the ice scraper to hang the ice and fall into ice storage room.

Fourth, understand the strength of ice machine manufacturers

HEFFORTS is the top ten ice-making equipment manufacturer and the key cultivation enterprises of Made in China 2025. HEFFORTS ice-making enterprise integrates production, R & D and sales. It has a perfect after-sales manifestation. Any ice-making equipment is guaranteed for 18 months. The company mainly produces flake ice machine, block ice machine, tube ice machine, sea water ice machine, slurry ice machine and other types of ice making equipment

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