Bitzer compressor high performance 5tons per 24hrs block ice machine

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Fully Europe CE standard and design
  • The ambient temperature is less than 23degree C , consumpution is 70 to 85KWH. Saving energy .
  • Strictly and carefully choice of the components to create the maximum commodity value to the customer by the ideal performance as well as the lowest cost.
  • Large water receiving pan, no water wasted
  • 15+ professional manufacturing experience on the ice machine

Product Details

Model#: KB-5T

Description -    5000KGS /24hrs - block ice machine 10kgs / block

Re : Air cooled direct cooling block ice machine

Ice Capacity : 5000kgs per 24 hours

Ice mould  size :  95*260*500MM

Ice Freezing time : 3hours per shift , 7shifts per day 

1.Customized ice block weight: mainly we can do 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg, 68kg. 100kg



2.Water sealing design is our patented technology, many company will copy our design, but they cannot reach our level, the motor driven ice bed lift system can be controlled in one button, while other supplier have to use the locks around the ice bed, when ice block is making, the water is leaking





3. Ice harvest way is also our patented technology, in winter around 8 to 13 minutes, in summer around 5~8 minutes. While other supplier require about half an hour


4. Ice moulds assembled without any welding, it never split, so it is durable. Comparing with the welding way, our ice moulds is 50% heavier , what’s more we use better aluminum-magnesium alloy 6063, it is harder, anti-corrosive and with better heat exchange efficiency comparing with 6060 while other supplier used.




5. The daily capacity we count the ice harvest time and water supply time inside, so the capacity can 100% reached.

6. Ice making and ice harvest is all automatically controlled, but other supplier, they have to turn on and turn off many valves manually.


7. More than 20 inspection before delivery to ensure a great quality product to you.


8. Ice bed made of Nylon board, it is sanitary, easy to clean.


9. Half-full liquid cooling, low Freon, no liquid strike phenomenon, high ice harvest efficiency, low energy consumption , only consume about 75Kwh / 1ton ice making.


Guangzhou Hefforts Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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